Spring-summer Menu '22. 

Deliciousness get's cosy and comfortable. It's time to celebrate the intense, earthy flavours of wild mushrooms, the comforting feel of many roots and tubers like jerusalem artichoke, celeriac, parsnip and carrots, the crispiness of cabbages, sprouts and the delicious cavalo nero. Check out what our chef and his food fellas created for the season.


As always, it's all vegan, seasonal, homemade, mostly local, 100% honest. 

Nutrition & Allergen Information


Allergen Information

We take allergies very seriously. So we are straightforward about it.

European Food law recognises 14 major allergens and requires us to point out their presence in our food. Excluding the animal allergens those are present in our kitchen in one way or another:

Celery, Gluten, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soybeans and Tree Nuts.

The precise list of of allergens can be found in our allergen chart.

Our team will point out any adjustments whenever possible.

Our food is prepared in an environment susceptible to cross-contact among different allergens.