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Chef Gustavo Bottino from SOIL VEGAN CAFE Amsterdam cooking over live fire Photo by Remko Kraaijeveld for Food Inspiration Magazine

"I simply wanna make delicious food, for everyone, just without the animal part" - Gustavo Bottino - Exec. Chef

Before SOIL VEGAN CAFE, I had made a name for myself in the world of barbecue and meat. But over the past years, I got increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of what we eat, in particular, animal proteins. However, as someone who grew up around meat, I just wasn't willing to give up on tasty food.

Preparing plant-based meals at home was easy. But out on the streets, it was a completely different story. I quickly got tired of the all-too-similar alternatives available.

My business partner Remco and I racked our brains for a year to find a solution to this problem. We came up with SOIL VEGAN CAFE. A casual and friendly place where you can go for lunch or dinner or just for a happy hour and the food is fundamentally delicious, just without the animal part.

I am always on the lookout for people to join our team and help me make delicious plant-based food. If you think you got what it takes.

About the Chef: About the Chef


The documentary produced by Food Inspiration Magazine and directed by Nina Slagmolen profiles Gustavo, his journey and his vision to a better future through food. 

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