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What are the top vegan cities in the World?

According to the international Vegan Guide "Happy Cow" here's the list of the top Vegan-friendly cities in the World. We are thrilled to see that our work, alongside with other vegan-food entrepreneurs from Amsterdam helped put our beloved Amsterdam on this list.

  1. London

  2. Berlin

  3. New York

  4. Melbourne

  5. Singapore

  6. Los Angeles

  7. Bangkok

  8. Amsterdam

  9. Warsaw

  10. Barcelona.

Their criteria:

"This list is determined using the following criteria from HappyCow's exclusive global database:

  1. The number of fully vegan restaurants within a 10km radius from each city center

  2. The number of fully vegan businesses (including shops, bakeries, etc.)

  3. The number of all restaurants (vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly) listed on HappyCow in the radius

  4. The density of vegan businesses per capita

  5. The growth of vegan businesses since our last report

  6. Qualitative evaluation from TeamCow, City Ambassadors and the Cowmunity, such as how easy it is to find vegan options, how well veganism is understood, and how active the vegan community is, among other factors."

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